IET® Powerburst



An IET® POWERBURST is a starburst if angelic energy. They offer additional healing support for your highest good and highest healing. Results are quick!

Powerbursts can be place into bones, muscles, tissues, organs, glands or general areas of cellular memory. They last as long as your energy body requires them.

They are particularly powerful for:

  • Releasing negative energy
  • Enhancing positive energy and motivation
  • Improving self confidence
  • Supporting self-healing of a physical or emotional trauma
  • Pain relief
  • Enhance an environment such as work, gardens, forests or anywhere on Earth
  • Raising the energy vibration for it’s highest good and highest healing.
  • You can also have them placed in cars, computers, vision boards, intentions, goals, whatever you want to add additional energy support to.

Everything is energy so the options are endless!