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What are the Akashic Records

Transforming your life by healing the past!


Akashic Records are the books of all your past lives, from your first life till now, all the information from those lives are written in these books. This means that all your feelings, actions, deeds, promises and thoughts from each lifetime are recorded in the book of Akashic Records. What is the purpose of our life? Why do certain patterns or illnesses keep repeating through generations? Can the struggles I have now be from something that happened in a past life? The answers to your questions can be discovered in these these books. Read How the Akashic Records Can Transform Your Life

How the Akashic Records Can Transform Your life


Are you in a phase of life where you are looking for deep answers to your life purpose, toxic relationships, money blockages, feeling stuck in life. Accessing the Akashic records can help in so many areas that it can be life-changing. It can show you what is blocking you from achieving your goals, living the life you dream of or why certain patterns keep repeating. Akashic healing will ensure that these blocks are removed from your life, thus attracting more money, love and good fortune.

So, let me share 8 Ways Akashic Records can transform your life:

  1. Clear Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Akashic Records reading can help you identify core beliefs and limitations that cause problems in life. Maybe you have been carrying these blocks from a past life or early childhood. By healing at the core level you start to truly heal. As I help you dig into these negative beliefs and situations, you will start clearing them and begin feeling confident and worthy.

2. Raise Your Vibration
Akashic Healing provides the highest form of healing vibration (divine energy) that can help clear any past life trauma. This amazing energy gets aligned with divine truth, love, power, and prosperity. By raising your vibration you start aligning with other people, situations and opportunities. They will be attracted to your vibration bring in more of what you want out of life.

3. Discover Your Life Purpose

Have you ever questioned why are you on Earth? What is the purpose of your life?
The Akashic Records will help you gain clarity to make smaller decisions but also gives a bigger meaning to life. “I feel drawn to that person, place or situation but don’t know why.” “I feel like I have met that person before”, “What is my karma from past life?”, “Do I have any contracts or vows that need to be removed?”, An Akashic Reading helps you get answers to these types of questions (and many more).

4. Create Stronger Relationships by Knowing your Past Lives

As I discussed earlier, Akashic Records is a knowledge storehouse of all the lives you have lived. You can have a deeper understanding why you have attracted some difficult relationships in your Life. You will learn how to forgive and understand the Divine Plan. It will help answer questions such as “Why haven’t I met my soulmate?”, How must I become to attract my soulmate?, “What is my current relationship teaching me” This will bring such freedom and comfort in knowing why situations and people came into your life and are a part of your experiences and lessons.

5. Increase your Confidence for Making Decisions

Are you indecisive about making a big change in your life? Are you asking yourself, Is it a good idea? What path should I take? Akashic Records are a great way to gain clarity, and validation giving you the strength to make the transformations you want.

6. Discover Infinite Possibilities

Your Akashic Records is a powerhouse of contracts, vows & beliefs from past and present and endless future possibilities. By clearing and healing the past and gaining more self-awareness you will soon see life from a different perspective. It allows you to use your new perspective to see which choices are for your highest good and highest healing. Akashic healing also helps you identify how your present choices affect your life. You will no longer waste time on things that are not in alignment with your goals and Divine Plan. You will streamline your life!

7. Improve Your Connection with the Divine

Accessing your records will help you experience a connection with your inner soul and the Universe. You will feel immense love and peace knowing that we are all connected via a divine source. This gives you more confidence and enlightenment towards seeking the true purpose of life and taking right actions. Being connected spiritually also helps you know that you are not alone. It ignites your inner light!

8. Identify Your Soul’s Wisdom, Potential and Purpose

Your inner soul has strengths and abilities you never knew. Throughout your past lives you have gained immense knowledge. You may have come across things in life where you felt you just knew, even though no one had taught you yet. This is a sign or cellular memory of your past lives as that knowledge still lies deep within your cellular make up, your DNA. As you learn about YOU through Akashic healing, it helps you to make the right choices and decisions. It provides knowledge about who you are as a wise soul. This answers the question why you are born or the purpose of your life.


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